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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Love, Live Life, Proceed, Progress

This week has been a very emotional roller coaster for my entire family. My brother in law, one of the greatest men in my life (2nd to my wonderful husband) had a heart attack. He is only 36 years old, a loving husband, and father of 3. None of us saw it coming, he thought it was something he ate.

My brother is not your typical man, he is a jokester, he puts everyone else before him and nothing is more important than family. My sister, his #1 fan sleeps, eats and breathes him because he means that much to her. Whats crazy is he woke up, told her he wasn't feeling well got in the car and drove himself to the hospital. Yes, that's right he drove himself to the hospital while having a heart attack.

They brought his blood pressure down, gave him all the medicines he needed to get him to where they needed him to be physically, then they did a angiogram. After that we were told he would have to have triple by pass surgery! That being said, he had his surgery yesterday 11/01/08. With him being the person he is he joked and made us laugh until they wheeled him away. The surgery was a complete success and now we are awaiting his full recovery.

The purpose of me sharing this with all of you is simple:
Love long and hard with all your heart!
Live Life to the fullest, don't stress because life will always have obstacles, and there is no need to stress over things we can't change.
Proceed with ambition just because were afraid to try doesn't mean we shouldn't, and it definately doesn't mean it's not worth it.
Progress because without struggle, there is no progress

Written with the utmost Love & Respect
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